Chicken and Mango Salsa Taco

I admit that I struggle to keep a healthy diet, more often than I would like to admit.  Although I do a really good job staying away from processed foods (cooking almost everything from scratch), I eat way too many carbohydrates and dairy products-especially my personal kryptonite-cheese.  So, finding healthy alternatives needs to be a higher priority. This taco is one such replacement.

The recipe:
I won’t waste effort to detail out specific quantities, as you should customize this to your liking, but here is how I prepare them:
I make these with mango salsa (recipe here), added to some cooked, pulled chicken meat, diced avocado, additional red onion, and chopped jalapeno, placed in a flour tortilla.  A couple of splashes of fresh lime juice, and I’m happy!  
The results:
The lightness of the fruit flavor combined with the hot pepper and onion satisfies my hunger without needing cheese and/or sour cream that I would normally load up on a regular beef-style taco.  I can enjoy several of these and not feel guilty when I walk away from the table, knowing that I just enjoyed a nice balance of carbs, fruits, and lean protein. 
You can easily substitute fish for the chicken, or use any kind of fruit salsa you prefer.  Pineapple is a great substitute if you can’t find mango.  Like any taco, customize yours to your own liking.  
And, as always, 
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